Building Management and Factoring

Over the last 12 months the building has undergone extensive refurbishment including overhaul of the roof, rainwater pipes and stonework thus hopefully avoiding major expenditure for owners in the foreseeable future. However Kingsford identified that there is demand for secure and hassle free living and so have engaged a professional building factor to ensure the building is well maintained into the future. Each owner will pay an initial float into a common service charge fund and then a service charge on a quarterly basis. The service charge will cover:

  • Utilities and cleaning of common areas
  • Ongoing routine and preventative maintenance
  • Maintenance and monitoring of CCTV and door security systems
  • Provision of broadband /WIFI for the block

Letting and Property management

As a city with growing population Edinburgh has a strong demand for traditional letting for lease lengths over 6 months and in good central locations short term letting to visitors to the city both for business and vacation.

For longer term rental management there are circa 180 traditional letting agents serving the city - you can search here for agents using Lettingweb and Kingsford can also provide introductions and recommendations if owners require.

There are less letting and management companies who specialise in short term rentals - Kingsford have researched the firms offing theis service and are pleased to recommend owners use Destiny Scotland who have

  • Proven track record
  • Specialists in this field
  • Professional approach and quality of customer service
  • Large database of corporate clients and festival companies.
  • Own 2 short term let portals Corporate Lets Edinburgh Edinburgh Festival Rentals
  • Access to main holiday industry portals such as airbnb,,,
  • Stand alone brand featuring on a number of Online Travel agencies.
  • Have provided an attractive discounted management rate for owners of St Andrew Square apartments as they clearly also benefit and gain synergy from maximising the number of units they manage in one block.